Connecting fans, sponsors and sport clubs
to generate more value for everybody

Our behaviour capturing Fan Connection Platform stops the guesswork and helps sport organisations to devise
targeted and personalized marketing communications which maximize fan & sponsoring value.

Sport clubs have many fans across the world. Using digital channels to increase fan loyalty and revenue is the right way! However, sport clubs do not know their fans and they are still bombarding them with bulk marketing messages that are not relevant or appealing enough. Failing to interact meaningfully means neglecting the club’s most important asset; the fans.

Our data-driven Fan Connection Platform bridges the gap between fans and sport clubs and builds meaningful relationships for life. FANNECTOR promises that you will boost your revenue by developing relevant and targeted fan interactions and by connecting your sponsors to your global fanbase.



Fans want to feel involved and be continuously connected to your sports club. Generating highly personalized, multi-channel fan campaigns and interactions which are targeting each specific fan personally is critical for staying connected with your fanbase and increase your fan value.

The Email-Marketing tool manages the automated execution of all your pre-scheduled fan engagement campaigns, over a range of marketing channels, putting a real multi-channel personalization powerhouse at your fingertips. The Email-Marketing tool enables you to create, target, manage and refine unlimited amounts of granular, homogeneous fan segments, increasing their interactions and engagement with your sports club and ultimately maximizing their value!


FANNECTOR is built on the notion that every fan’s behaviour is different, dynamic and personal. That is the reason why our Fan Engagement Platform collects behavioural data to gain insight into your fans’ behaviour, needs and wants. The goal is: collecting fan behaviour and understanding which marketing actions are having the greatest impact on them and are generating more revenue.

The Fan Profiling and Segmentation option provides you with priceless insights into your fan base, including fan interest, engagement and revenue. It provides you with a crystal-clear picture of the needs and interests of your fans, which is crucial to achieving effective and personalized fan communications.



Loyal fans are the core of successful sport clubs. Providing value to fans through relevant, data-driven marketing communications will strategically grow your sports clubs and maximize fan loyalty, revenue and other KPIs. Relevant interactions increase fan engagement and maximize their business with your sport club. Furthermore, FANNECTOR enables sponsors to efficiently advertise products and services directly to fans and significantly impact their revenue and your sponsoring value

FANNECTOR stores every movement of the fans on the platform and helps you to align your marketing efforts with the needs and interests of your fans. Based on historical fan behaviour analysis and automated, relevant marketing communications, FANNECTOR guides you to better capitalize on fans. The Fan Engagement Platform is designed to connect fans and sponsors with your sports organization and is enabling you to capitalize on both and generate significant value for everybody.

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